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Take your home’s landscape design to the next level by including quality hardscape features that increase the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living spaces.

Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape provides a variety of professional hardscaping services so that you can amplify your enjoyment of your home’s beautiful outdoor living spaces and features in every season. Hard landscaping features integrated into your home’s landscape design can provide added property value and fulfill essential landscaping needs.

How do you know if a hardscape is the right fit for your home?

By adding appealingly designed hardscape features, such as a roomy patio with an outdoor kitchen or a cozy firepit, you can utilize more of your home’s outdoor spaces. Increasing usability and functionality, your home’s new outdoor features make your backyard the perfect place for spending time with family or entertaining guests.

Quality landscaping should not be jeopardized by wandering feet. Directing your guests to the areas you want them to go and away from the places they shouldn’t be can preserve your landscape’s beauty and your privacy. Through patio pavers, walkways, or retaining walls, you can safeguard your landscape design in the way it was intended and ensure your guests’ safety.

Creating a cohesive, clean landscape takes a professional eye, and using hardscape design you can establish clearly defined borders and areas that please the eye and add dimension to your landscape. Various options, such as water features, pavilions, or outdoor fireplaces, can create a logical and rhythmic flow in your backyard getaway.

Glaring sun can be harmful for your eyes and your outdoor furniture. Adding in hardscape features, like pergolas, retaining walls, and covered patios, can help you achieve practical needs from your landscape. Shielding you from intense summer sun and providing increased privacy, hardscape features enable you to achieve the peace and tranquility you want at home.

Building a functional hardscape comes with many benefits, not least of which is the reduced need for maintenance. No more mowing, weeding, or pruning! Once established, your hardscape features require minimal maintenance while giving you maximum enjoyment and service for years to come. An additional benefit is the increased sustainability and water efficiency from the reduced need for watering.

What hardscape options do I have?

We provide several dedicated landscape services and hardscape features such as:

Outdoor Fireplaces

Schedule a landscape design consultation with one of our hardscape experts to explore options and find the right fit to enhance your home. Rest assured and happy in your home’s outdoor living spaces knowing that your hardscape was completed with professional knowledge, planning and quality materials. Our team will help you bring your vision of your outdoor haven at home to life.

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