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Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape provides dedicated landscape and hardscape design services to the Indianapolis area that will elevate your outdoor living spaces. Our outdoor fireplaces add a multi-functional, luxurious dimension to your outdoor space by providing a focal point on your patio or deck. Make your backyard the place to be by creating a central place to gather with family and friends. You can make happy memories and entertain knowing that your beautifully designed fireplace was created by expert landscape architects.

Why should I add an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace allows you to use your outdoor living spaces all year long. This feature extends the use of your landscape design into all four seasons and increases the value of your property with a quality addition. Whether you need estate landscape management or are trying to make the most of a small space, our outdoor fireplaces can be customized to your needs. Create a clean landscape with a worthwhile investment that will integrate seamlessly into your professionally designed outdoor room.

With this versatile hardscape feature, you can broaden the horizons for your backyard’s functionality and purpose. Add an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor kitchen to create a full-service entertaining space. You can include spits, grates, grills, rotisseries, or even a pizza oven in your design. There are no limits on what you can create using your outdoor fireplace. If cooking outdoors is not your preference, an outdoor fireplace can also function as a gathering place providing comfort, warmth, and a sense of home for all nearby.

The sky’s the limit on your outdoor fireplace design. Consisting of a cinder block base covered with veneer stone, the appearance of your outdoor fireplace is completely customizable. With an included chimney flue, any smoke will be directed away from your seating area and yard. Our professional landscape designers can help bring your vision to life.

What hardscape options do I have?

We provide several dedicated landscape services and hardscape features such as:

Outdoor Kitchens

Blend your outdoor fireplace with other hardscape elements, including retaining walls, pavers, water features, or a pergola. Add in built-in seating, a TV, or firewood storage. Customize your mantle, hearth, and chimney caps. Outdoor fireplaces can be double-sided and wood burning or gas burning using a propane tank. Either way, any functional features can be disguised with stone, brick, or a material of your choice.

There are many design styles to choose from. Our experts will work with you to create a design plan that fits best into your space. Whether you want to go rustic or modern, dramatic or subtle, your outdoor fireplace will be unique, functional, and beautiful. Blend your outdoor fireplace design with local features all while complementing the appearance of your primary residence. Inspired by surroundings, we can use local stone and add in landscape features, including trees, shrubbery, or flowers.

Work with us to add an outdoor fireplace or other hardscape features to your landscape design, and you won’t be able to remember your home without it!

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