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Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape provides expert landscape and hardscape design services that help you discover new ways to enjoy your backyard and outdoor living spaces. With a custom, high quality fire pit, you can start creating happy memories of outdoor get-togethers with friends and family, whether enjoying food and drinks, roasting s’mores, or sharing stories and songs around the fire in the evening.

A crackling fire immediately evokes feelings of coziness, home, and relaxation. Having access to your own fire feature in your outdoor space adds value to your property and the option for an everyday staycation to enjoy the scenery outside.

While a portable fire pit may be a worthwhile option in some situations, having a premium fire pit with quality materials allows you to have a permanent, luxury hardscape installation that complements your home and landscape. Our experienced landscape designers can provide you with the ideas and design inspiration to help you create the fire pit that fits best into your home and lifestyle.

Ready to add a fire pit to your home?

Whether you have a patio, deck, pool, or another entertainment area at your home, a firepit can be the perfect addition to incorporate into your existing structures. The design of your firepit is completely customizable and filled with lots of potential. With a variety of materials to choose from, a fire pit can blend into your home’s design smoothly and complement the natural terrain. Potential material options include retaining wall blocks, patio pavers, local stones, Indiana limestone, concrete, bricks, cement wall blocks, and more. Professional masonry will always be a good choice providing quality structure and unique design. You may even want to imbed a portable metal fire pit into a wood table or elevate it on a stone platform. Whether wood or gas burning with a propane tank, your fire pit can be suited to your needs and preference. Another option is to use heat tempered glass for a different look and feel from the conventional fire pit.

Adding a complementary hardscape feature to your fire pit can increase its beauty and functionality. You may add a retaining wall in the shape of a half circle around your fire pit for privacy or add a variety of water features or a special patio. Additional options also include built in storage in the form of a wood rack or other fuel container. With many design options to consider, it’s important to consult with a professional to see what works best in your home. This includes determining which size or dimensions you like, whether a big, central feature or a smaller fire pit off to the side for occasional use.

Consideration should also be given to the surrounding seating area and location of your fire pit. Along with the design of the fire pit itself, you will choose whether to include built-in seating or select patio furniture and chairs so your guests can enjoy resting around the fire. The fire pit can be incorporated into an existing outdoor living space or placed in its own separate location.

A fire pit may seem like a good DIY project but having an expert’s opinion during design and construction ensures safety from any fire hazards and proper installation. Especially when adding a fire pit onto an existing patio or deck, a professional should be consulted for fire safety purposes. It’s important to place your fire pit an appropriate distance away from your house, any fuel storage, supply lines, or low-hanging branches. Some consideration must also be given to the materials used and their flammability. A fire pit should be constructed on a non-combustible surface, for example using a heat liner on a wood surface or pouring a concrete base. In your backyard, you may want to dedicate an area for your fire pit by using pea gravel or laying down a flagstone patio. Having a dedicated fire zone that is near your entertainment areas, such as an outdoor kitchen or other hardscape, but still retains all appropriate measures for fire safety ensures that you can trust your design and enjoy your fire pit without worrying about something going wrong.

What hardscape options do I have?

We provide several dedicated landscape services and hardscape features such as:

Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape is your local, Indianapolis-area stop for any dedicated landscape or hardscape design needs. If you’re inspired to add a fire pit feature into your outdoor living space, contact us today to start bringing your vision to life.

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