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Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape can help you take your hosting and entertaining set-up to the next level. We provide dedicated landscape and hardscape design services to the Indianapolis area, including outdoor kitchen design and installation.

An outdoor kitchen will elevate your outdoor living space and add value to your property. Whether putting together a small family meal or hosting a big party, an outdoor kitchen provides a multi-functional and beautiful setting to enjoy time with your loved ones.

Our landscape designers will provide expert ideas and hardscape design to help you embrace indoor-outdoor living and add a luxurious dimension to your home. Transform your backyard, patio, or deck with a well-equipped outdoor kitchen that allows for elaborate meal preparation and entertaining.

Is an Outdoor Kitchen right for you?

As a feature of your outdoor living space, an outdoor kitchen comes with endless potential for cooking and hosting. Customized to your specific needs, an outdoor kitchen can include a variety of outdoor-rated appliances, including a gas or electric grill, stove, oven, refrigerator sink, and more. For those looking for extra features, you can also include a pizza oven, wine storage, beer dispenser, ice machines, or a smoker to try your hand at specialty creations. Stainless steel cabinets provide plenty of weather-resistant storage space with room for all of your pots, pans, and dinnerware.

Additionally, you can consider including an island or a bar with barstools for extra convenience. With built-in seating, you can increase your outdoor kitchen’s flexibility and broaden the horizon for this gathering place. Add in patio heating or an outdoor fireplace or firepit to make your space usable all year round. With so many options to choose from and to customize your space, an outdoor kitchen can fit into any family’s lifestyle, whether in a small home or on a large estate. Cooking in your outdoor kitchen can bring your family a sense of comfort, warmth, and home.

Your outdoor kitchen can be integrated seamlessly into any outdoor living space, whether it’s poolside, on a patio or deck, or under a pergola. Choose the design and materials that complement your home and landscape design, as well as fit your preferences. Whether using stainless steel, natural stone, or local brick, you can make your outdoor kitchen feel right for you, anywhere from rustic and cozy to modern and sleek.

Customization in design allows you to select the material for your countertops, tiles, backsplash, and cabinetry. You can even add a roof covering to protect all of your appliances from harsh weather. Enjoy your garden view from built-in seating, bar stools, or patio furniture. Whatever you choose, we can help you make the best use of your particular space, providing you with lots of storage options or extra features. For additional privacy or protection from the elements, we can add in a retaining wall or fencing. And for the perfect ambience, add in custom lighting in the form of pendant lights or cheerful string lights for evening hosting. Your outdoor kitchen will be cleanly designed to your taste and fully equipped to integrate into your lifestyle and transform your backyard.

What hardscape options do I have?

We provide several dedicated landscape services and hardscape features such as:

Outdoor Fireplaces

Our quality craftsmanship and hardscape materials mean that your outdoor kitchen will last for years with minimal maintenance. Contact Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape to get started on all of your landscape and hardscape design needs.

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