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What started as a tree farm in 1916 has become a flourishing landscaping business through one family’s passion for creating outdoor living spaces that are pleasing to look at and delightful to spend time in.

Over a century later, the fourth generation of the Esterline family carries on that same legacy and passion of providing top-quality landscaping services, plants, landscape materials, and more to homes and businesses throughout the greater Indianapolis area.

Our Timeline


The Beginning of Eagle Creek

John W. Esterline Sr. purchases 300 acres of farmland in Indianapolis in 1916. Eagle Creek Nursery is incorporated in 1925, and his son Merrill joins the business in 1929.


From Surviving to Thriving

Eagle Creek sustains through the Great Depression. As the economy improves, the landscaping business booms with residential and commercial projects.


The Third Generation

The third generation of Esterlines: Tom, Charles, and John III, join the team with vast expertise in landscaping and horticulture. The business continues to expand.


Generation Four

The Landscape Center becomes a destination for local plant enthusiasts and garden DIY’ers in central Indiana. Mark Esterline and Tom Esterline Jr. join the team alongside David and Rob.


Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape continues to grow and include what are now known as their top services, including design, installation, and maintenance for landscaping and outdoor living spaces.

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Warranty Info

We take pride in the plants we grow right here at our nursery, and we are here to help you achieve success with your new plants! Please review the details on our limited retail warranty and plant care instructions.