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An outdoor living space extends the charm and functionality of your yard throughout the entire year. Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape provides dedicated landscape and hardscape services to the greater Indianapolis area, including the design and installation of pergolas and other outdoor structures.

With a quality hardscape structure like a pergola, you can increase the value of your property and let professionals take care of all the construction details while you enjoy your home’s luxurious outdoor space.

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a popular outdoor structure consisting of posts or columns that support an open roof of beams and rafters. As a design statement, the architectural elements of a pergola often serve as a focal point in an outdoor living space. The structure may be free standing or attached to a house to create an extension of an indoor room. Pergolas are large, flat-topped structures covering a patio, deck, or walkway. For very large pergolas, it may be necessary to apply for a building permit.

Pergolas may be left open to filter sunlight through the roof, or they may be covered with a variety of materials to create shade from the sun and shelter from the elements. Latticework or trellises are often attached to the sides and top of a pergola to support growing vines and trailing plants, forming a garden overhead. Not only does this add a beautiful, natural element to the structure, but also it provides shade from the sun and privacy. While plants are a popular choice, some may dislike having to clean up leaves or debris, waiting for the plants to grow, or missing shade in the very center of the pergola. In that case, a pergola can also have a built in covering or canopy, including rattan or retractable canvas.

The construction of a pergola is completely customizable. The columns or posts may have intricate masonry elements or wood. Pressure treated lumber, such as cedar, is a common choice for a modern pergola, providing long-lasting material that requires little maintenance. There are many DIY pergola kits on the market, but for a well-designed structure that stands the test of time, it’s best to work with experts. A pergola is the perfect addition to a patio, deck, pool, or any backyard to provide functionality and a remarkable architectural element.

How can I use and customize my pergola?

A pergola creates a multi-functional outdoor living space that can fit into a luxurious lifestyle. When attached to a house, it extends the area available for entertaining guests or spending time with family. With vines, fiberglass, or a canvas covering, you can form a canopy over the top of a pergola for protection from the sun and weather, so you can sit outside in all seasons.The design of your pergola can reflect elements in your home and landscape, such as columns, brickwork, paver patios, and more. Placing a pergola over an outdoor dining area or outdoor kitchen allows you to utilize that space more often, while adding an outdoor fireplace adds heat in the winter as well. For those wanting more privacy, you can add plants around the perimeter or build in drapes or wood slats to the sides to create privacy for your outdoor living room or hot tub, for example. Add lighting elements for increased functionality, such as decorative string lights, built-in LED lights, or a chandelier, so you can use your outdoor space even at nighttime. Having a pergola allows you to have a covered outdoor living space that adds character, style, and functionality to your overall landscape design.

Pavilions and other outdoor structures

Besides pergolas, there are many other options and designs for an outdoor structure. For example, pavilions are similar to pergolas, but they provide the added benefit of having a durable, permanent roof so you can spend more time outdoors in any weather. Enhance your outdoor living experience so you can take indoor activities outside with the increased functionality of a pavilion, or get the best of both worlds by attaching a pergola to a pavilion. A professional can take the entire outdoor living area into account and make sure that your pergola or outdoor structure blends seamlessly with other landscape and hardscape elements, such as an arch arbor, pavilion, or gazebo.

What hardscape options do I have?

We provide several dedicated landscape services and hardscape features such as:

Outdoor Fireplaces

Contact Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape for a consultation to add a pergola, pavilion, and other hardscape element to your home. Other outdoor structures are available upon request. Whether a small, private home or an expansive estate, we are a landscaping company that provides a personalized touch and quality services in landscape design and management.

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