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A water feature in an outdoor living space provides the ultimate spot for recreation and relaxation. Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape can bring your vision of a serene pool, charming pond, or sparkling waterfall to life in your backyard. With dedicated landscape and hardscape services, we provide professionally designed, executed, and maintained water features for your yard.

Water features not only increase the enjoyment and use of your home’s outdoor spaces, but they also increase the value of your property. Utilizing a trained eye to provide ideas and design a quality, timeless water feature will help it to complement the architecture and other landscaping features of your home. Make the area around your water feature or pool perfect for entertaining with a professionally created home getaway.

Why Should I Get a Water Feature?

When thinking of water features, many may visualize a swimming pool, but there are a variety of options to integrate water into your home’s outdoor design. Not everyone may have the financial resources, room in their yard, or even the desire for a pool, but many can relate to wanting the presence of water in their vicinity. Flowing water provides a soothing, peaceful connection to nature.The tranquility of water is one of the driving reasons to integrate a water feature into your outdoor living space.

The versatility of water features is another benefit. Depending on your unique setting, yard size, budget, or other landscape and hardscape elements, there is a water feature that can fit your space and fulfill your need for relaxation and peace in addition to providing an engaging place for entertaining family and friends.

A water feature also pairs particularly well with outdoor fire features so you can warm up and dry off after swimming. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace as part of an outdoor kitchen fits perfectly near a pool deck. Other outdoor structures also complement a water feature well, such as a pergola or a pavilion and paver patios or walkways.

A water feature provides a focal point for the yard, integrated seamlessly with your home’s style and your personal taste. Be sure to consult a professional to make sure it’s logistically possible to install a water feature of your choosing in your space and to design a complementary landscape that blends it into one cohesive look..

Types of Water Features

Swimming Pool

The most commonly desired type of water feature is often the swimming pool. It comes in a variety of different shapes, colors, and styles. A pool is easily paired with other water features, such as a waterfall. The surrounding hardscape for your pool on the patio or deck can be made up of natural stone, sleek tile, classic concrete, or any material of your choosing. A pool provides the perfect blank slate for you to customize according to your design taste.


A waterfall is a versatile water feature that can be integrated with other elements, whether a pool, garden pond, or more. Practically, a waterfall is the installation of two pools at varying heights. The way the water flows and falls can be adjusted to either a simple free fall or complex interweaving channels and overflowing smaller holding pools or cascading stair steps. Other water features also in the style of waterfalls include rain curtains or water walls.

Garden Pond

If you have a small backyard, a garden pond may be a better fit for your space. Add koi fish, water lilies, and other complementary plants to make the perfect outdoor space for reflection and connection to nature. Floating steps can be scattered across the surface of a larger garden pond to connect from one side to the other.

Hot Tub

The natural complement to a pool or spa is a hot tub, which allows you to use your water feature in colder weather too. Add a low stone retaining wall or a pergola for additional privacy.


Whether you have a lot of space to utilize or a small corner, a fountain can add movement and beauty as a focal point in any backyard. A common concern with fountains may be water usage and sustainability, but with professional design, you can build a fountain with water conservation in mind. Fountains can be designed in different styles, materials, and sizes, such as spillover or floating styles.

What hardscape options do I have?

We provide several dedicated landscape services and hardscape features such as:

To add a focal point to your outdoor living space and a sense of relaxation, a water feature is the natural choice, whether a large pool or small fountain. Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape offers professional consultation and services to help you turn your ideas into a skillfully integrated water feature and hardscape installation.

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