Spring Landscape and Lawn Care Tips

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Spring Landscape and Lawn Care Tips

Lawncare Tips:
Begin mowing once the lawn has greened up and is actively growing (the mow height recommendation is 2.5-3”). Apply pre-emergent and crabgrass control. Grass seed can be sown to help fill in thin spots or to start a new lawn, as it will germinate when temperatures are at 55˚F.

Landscape Tips:
Spring clean-up is happening now. Remaining perennials and grasses should be cut back if they were not already. Debris from beds should be removed (including twigs and piles of leaves). Edge and apply mulch for a nice, clean look. It is also a good time to consider dividing perennials if you so choose. Consider applying a general all- purpose fertilizer to your trees and shrubs this month as well.

Dormant spray should be applied when the temperature is above 45˚ F on plants that have had scale or mite issues, especially euonymus and boxwood. It should not be applied to blue-colored evergreens, sugar or Norway maples. It also will not work on bagworm infestations. Fruit trees should be sprayed before the leaves begin to open. When the fruit trees bloom, there is a different spray to apply then. When plants are in bloom, spray in early morning or late in the evening to protect the bees. Systemic insecticide drenches may also be applied this month.

Consider purchasing a tree for shade and/or aesthetics. Now is a great time to be planting trees, as we have a larger selection from all of our new shipments. Our inventory includes a variety of maples, oaks, crabapples, and more in a range of sizes, from container to 2” B&B. Select offerings are available in larger sizes. Unsure of the perfect tree for you? Come and browse to see what you like and what fits your desires and needs.

It is never too early to start planning landscape projects. We offer a selection of shrubs, trees, and fruits for those who like to get a head start by working outside in early spring. Unsure of what you would like? Stop on in and ask us! Photos, measurements, and ideas are all helpful and welcome tools in the decision making process.

Vegetable and herb garden seeds are here. Start seeds indoors now (i.e. tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, basil, cabbage, etc) to harden off and plant outside after Mother’s day. Young vegetable and herb plants will arrive early May.

Summer bulbs (plant in May after frost) are an excellent way to add color to your yard (or even containers). Some are hardy, including select gladiolus, lilies, and peonies, while others will not survive the winter outside (dahlias, select gladiolus, cannas, and elephant ears).

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