Instructions for the Care of Plants

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Instructions for the Care of Plants

Thank you for trusting your home’s outdoor living space to us. Now that the installation is complete, here are a few simple instructions to ensure the success of your plants. Remember: plants are living things. They need careful attention to survive and thrive.


We recommend supplementing watering when rainfall is less than 1” per week. A rain gauge is helpful in determining this amount.

For best results, use an open-ended hose placed at the base of the plant and running at a slow trickle for the time indicated in the chart below. Apply water slowly so the moisture soaks in, rather than running off the surface.

The following is a guide for the first 2 years after installation:

Container plants

3-5 gal pot (Knee high): 3-5 minutes 7-10 gal pot (Waist high): 10 minutes

15 gal or larger pot (Head high): 15 minutes

Balled and Burlapped plants

1.75″ – 2.5″ caliper (10-12’): 20-30 minutes

3″ or larger caliper: (12’+):30-45 minute

Annuals, Perennials and Groundcovers:

Most of these plants have shallow root systems. Watering for less time, but more frequently is recommended. Use a watering wand to saturate plants for 10-15 seconds then take a break and go back for another 10-15 seconds. If a large area is planted a sprinkler may be used, ideally at dawn or dusk.

Spring and Fall (April-May and October-November)

Trees – Once every 4-7 days Shrubs-Once every 3-4 days

Summer (June-September)

Trees- Once every 2 or 3 days

Shrubs-Every other day (in very hot and/or dry conditions)

Winter (Dec-March)

Inspect periodically for damage, erosion, cracks, etc. New trees may need to be wrapped to prevent frost cracks. Watering is not necessary when temperatures are freezing.

Look for signs of stress like wilting or dropping foliage, browning leaf tips and/or changes in leaf color.

FERTILIZATION: Plants require nutrients to live. We recommend the use of a water-soluble fertilizer (such as Fertilome) every other week, from Mother’s Day until Labor Day, for the first two years. A granular fertilizer may be used beginning the third year.

For more information regarding plant care, please contact our office for help from our subject matter experts.

317-291-7660 or

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Warranty Info

We take pride in the plants we grow right here at our nursery, and we are here to help you achieve success with your new plants! Please review the details on our limited retail warranty and plant care instructions.