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Providing Exceptional Landscaping Services to the Greater Indy Area Including:

Westfield Landscaping Company, Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape has been serving to make Westfield beautiful for nearly a century.  In central Indiana, the suburb of Westfield makes a great place for families. It is home to Westfield High School, Grand Park; a 400-acre sports campus and many walking and biking trails. We are also a stop along the new constructed highway US 31.

In 2016, Westfield started a beautification process around the highway to create landscaping that is unique to the town, which is trying to get the habitat to a new normal that will suit the town. The landscaping job will feature more than 20 different types of plants and trees.

Hamilton County residents take pride in their community and in keeping it nice year after year. If you would like help creating or maintaining your outdoor living space in Westfield or Hamilton County, contact Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape. We have DYI materials at our Landscape Center and plant nursery as well as professional landscape designers and year-round landscape management packages. You can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space at your home or business without having to do any of the landscape maintenance yourself!

Proudly serving the greater Indy area with exceptional landscape design and landscape maintenance services.

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We take pride in the plants we grow right here at our nursery, and we are here to help you achieve success with your new plants! Please review the details on our limited retail warranty and plant care instructions.