Patio Fire Pit & Landscape

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Patio Fire Pit and Landscape

  • This homeowner had us install a new fire pit area in their backyard next to their existing covered patio space.
  • In addition to the fire pit area, we had to install a boulder retaining wall due to the changes in elevation.
  • Our team installed a clean, linear patio design that added 250 sq ft of patio space.
  • The materials used on this project were Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone slab pavers in the Fossil color with a 4×8 Holland Premier paver border in the Dark Charcoal color.
  • We constructed the fire pit out of Unilock Brussels Dimensional Wall in the Limestone color with a matching Holland Premier accent underneath the Unilock Ledgestone coping units. The fire pit is fueled by a natural gas line to control the flame given its proximity to the house.
  • We used Indiana granite boulders for the retaining wall and Indiana snapped limestone steps to connect the space to the lawn.

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