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Early Fall at Eagle Creek Nursery and Garden Center

Watering is still important in September. Newer plantings are especially vulnerable in the drier months. Adequate watering (minimum of an inch throughout the week) is required for their success. If such watering does not occur naturally, one must supplement it with a soaker system or a hose on a slow trickle for 20-30 minutes. Evergreens should also have supplemental waterings going into fall and winter.

Lawn Care

September is a prime time for many lawn care activities. These include a Fall Lawn Fertilization, providing nitrogen to help the lawn through winter and start strong next spring. It is also a great time to fill in bare spots or any other seeding you might wish to complete. The grass has enough time to germinate, grow, and become established before winter sets in. Aerification should occur if the lawn needs it. It is also important to continue to watch for rust and white grubs.

Garden & Yard

Remove dead from plants, especially removing and destroying leaves where fungal growth was occurring. It is also time to start the leaf cleanup and removal process. Honeylocusts start to lose their leaves, and others are not far behind. September is also the time to start planning and planting fall annuals. These include mums, asters, cabbages, kales, pansies, and more. There are a variety of options for your fall color. Consider any tree needs for your yard. We begin to dig and plant evergreens in September, with deciduous plants to follow in October and November. These deciduous plants include Honeylocusts, ginkgos, maples, viburnums, and serviceberries.

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